da gehts ab!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Wer geht hin? ich wär glaub dabei VVK karten kosten 24 euro danach 29 euro….


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I know I’m a little late on this, but just wanted to pay a small tribute to the late, talented Née Jun Seba, known to most people as Nujabes. Apparently he died in a car crash in Tokyo last month…another one taken too soon.

I personally found out about him through his work on the anime Samurai Champloo, but after digging deeper into his tracks (although the ones he did for that are top notch) I found a slew of other noteworthy productions. His beats always had an introspective, nostalgic value that really grabs the listener immediately. I know he had a large influence on me personally when I started out making beats, and I’m sure others can say the same.

Remix eines Liedes der 80ziger. Ab 2min wirds hart

Dabrye feat. DOOM


Hammer Remix eines ohnehin schon guten Liedes (Instr. LP erst letztens bekommen)

Und hier das Original :



…määän, der kerl macht schöne live mpc sessions im freien…seine LP is nur wärmstens zu empfehlen…bujaka



find vor allem  den 2 Track Dajame Dormir hammer. Das Album is aber schon von 2008 deßhalb nich aktuell.

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